Cre8 Masterclass '21 SpinOff

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Our target of €2000 for the training has been reached! SUPER! But your donation is still very welcome and will go towards our Masterclass'21 SpinOff programme where the participants set up their own projects in their local community and we help them on their way with a starting budget of €250 each. They have to at least double that amount by crowdfunding in their own network. Soon on this page you will find video-pitches about the projects of our twelve Masterclass '21 participants.


Cre8 East Africa works with a special group of young people in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda). Self-taught artists and performers who do not just do it 'for the art' but want to make a difference in their own communities. Whether it is social justice, more freedom or the risks of drug use and unprotected sex, our young people take the issue by the horns and turn it into theatre, dance, raps, spoken word, video, photography or any other form of art, performing in schools, at markets and festivals. They use their artistic talents to have maximum impact in their own communities. However, they often lack the skills and network to reach a larger audience and make a living from their work. See an example of what we do at Cre8 East Africa in Western Kenya

The Cre8 Masterclass '21 programme offers 12 talented and motivated young artists and group leaders the opportunity to professionalise and learn intensively with and from each other. It starts with an 8-day training in local fundraising, marketing and communication, leadership and artistic development. Then meetings and coaching for a minimum of six months during which they set up their own project under the guidance of local coaches and we help them on their way with a starting budget of €250. Yaden East Africa, KCDF and the Change the Game Academy are our partners in Kenya, Wilde Ganzen is in the Netherlands. Yaden has an extensive network of youth organisations. KCDF in Nairobi provides training and coaching and runs the Change the Game Academy in East Africa together with Wilde Ganzen.

You can give money yourself, start a fundraising campaign and share this campaign in your network. We try to raise €250 for each of the twelve participants. Make a difference and sponsor our Cre8 Master Class '21 SpinOff.

Learn more about our work at: Cre8 East Africa Website