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Did you know that the first 1000 days of life largely determine a child's future?

In this period a child not only doubles in length but also triples in weight and the brain goes through the fastest-growing phase. It is therefore logical that a child needs breastmilk, healthy food, lots of attention and loving care, as well as a clean safe environment.

When a child is chronically malnourished in those first 1000 days, the risks of impaired growth (stunting) and developmental delays are greatest. Unfortunately, in Uganda, one-third of the children under five years of age are stunted today and at high risk of impaired development. Often, pregnant women and young parents have nowhere to go with questions about the growth and development of their child. In addition, caregivers and health workers recognize stunting too late and these children suffer consequences for life.

This can be prevented!

Do you want to give children in Uganda a fair start? Then join us!

How do we make a difference? We bring young and expectant parents together in accessible meeting spaces (MindUps), where they can learn about the growth and development of their child, healthy feeding practices, nutritious recipes and parenting skills in a fun way. And through the digital Global Network parents can support each other, share knowledge and experiences, and connect with other MindUps all around the world.

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Our approach with the 'MindUp' in Uganda


Together with local partner Kawempe Youth Centre (KYC), we want to integrate a MindUp within the existing community center located in a suburb of Kampala.

KYC will be a lively community center for children and teenagers and an inspiring learning environment for pregnant women and young parents. Here they will gain insight into the growth and development of their child in a positive way. This includes individual advice by trained MindUp Managers (MUMs), interactive cooking classes, educational videos, games and workshops. All MindUps are part of the Global Network where they can share experiences, learn from each other, and even exchange recipes through cooking shows they record themselves!

This is where you can contribute!

The aim is to open the MindUp in Uganda in November 2021.

With a starting budget of €5.000,- we can already realize a MindUp within KYC. 

With this we will do the following:

  • Set up the MindUp: furniture, sitting area, play area for children and a mobile kitchen
  • Purchase tools: materials for the growth monitoring and promotion (GMP), a beamer and tablets
  • Operational start-up costs: electricity, wifi connection, training and reimbursement of expenses for the staff members who manage the MindUp

Together we can ensure that children in Uganda reach their potential and have a fair chance at a happy, healthy and productive life: Join Us! Happy Healthy Kids in Uganda


The first 1000 days determine the future!

“Good Nutrition - Smart Brain - Bright Future”

The Heights and Minds Foundation

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