Let all children go to school

Target reached
from €12.500 (113%)
  • €10.650 Donors
  • €3.500 Triodos Foundation

Why is this needed?


Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem has been pioneering for inclusiveness for over 35 years.

Many pupils are living in nearby refugee camps and their daily life is restricted by occupation and conflict. Increasingly, the school is seeing children with autism, trauma, physical handicaps and learning disabilities. These handicaps often lead to social exclusion on the Westbank. But Hope Flowers School has created special facilities to help these children:

  • sensory room for autistic children, to help them relax their senses  
  • Wheelchair accessability for children with physcial disabilities
  • Specialist support in handling trauma and problematic behaviours
  • Remedial teaching for children with learning disabilities
  • Speech therapy for children with with speaking issues  
  • Psychosocial support for parents

The school is the only chance for a better future for these pupils. 

Working from their mission "we are educating for the well-being of humanity" Hope Flowers School has a loyal and dedicated team of teachers caring for the well-being of their pupils. Despite the occupation and difficult cirsumstances, they are working with commitment, perseverance, resilience and creativity to realise their vision. This makes Hope Flowers School unique in the region, and an example to the whole area. 

The pandemic has left many parents without a job, and unable to pay the tuition fees. But we cannot let the vision of inclusiveness be hit by that - all children deserve an education! 


How can you help?


Through the school fund, we help the most vulnerable children go to school! The target is to cover tuition fees for at least 14 of these pupils for one whole year.  

More information


You can check our foundation's website at: www.friendsofhopeflowers.org
The school website can be found at: www.hopeflowers.org


Picture credits: Çiğdem Yüksel for Triodos Foundation & Friends of Hope Flowers