Provide food, blankets and baby formula for Lebanon

Target reached
from €30.000 (100%)
  • €25.100 Donors
  • €5.000 Triodos Foundation

Cover basic needs of vulnerable families 

Lebanon is in the midst of a devastating economic crisis, with more than half of the population of 6.8 million living in poverty. The situation is so severe the World Bank has described it as one of the worst economic crises in 150 years. Many families struggle to cope with the soaring prices of food and other basic necessities, such as electricity and water. 

Microcredit institution Al Majmoua is offering a helping hand through its local contacts. Since its foundation in 1997, the NGO has supported low-income individuals, particularly women and increasingly refugees from Syria. Working closely with the UNHCR en de International Rescue Commmittee to support the vulnerable families they know, Al Majmoua has identified the following items as most crucial:

  • food boxes
  • milk fomulas for babies
  • blankets

How can you help? 

Make your money work for those we need it. Donate or share this campaign. Together we will help as many families in Lebanon as possible. Each family represents five people.

- EUR 15: for a blanket
- EUR 35: one month of milk formulas for a baby 
- EUR 90: food boxes for a family for one month

Standing together in times of need

For nearly two years now, Lebanon has been assailed by compounded crises—specifically, an economic and financial crisis, followed by COVID-19 and, lastly, the explosion at the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.Of the three, the economic crisis has had by far the largest (and most persistent) negative impact., Lebanon is on the verge of famine. Its per capita GDP has contracted by 40% in two years, food prices have soared 2067% since the end of 2018. According to the World Bank, 78% of Lebanese now live below the poverty line.

Alia Nazar-Farhat, Partnership Manager at Al Majmoua: "It's heartbreaking to see how many families are struggling and pushed into poverty. We are mobilising our international network to address the immense challenge and the dire situation that the people in our country are facing. We are truly grateful to Triodos to be standing with us in times of need."

Please note: although Al Majmoua is a client of Triodos, this campaign is not business related and only concerns humanitarian help.
More information about Al Majmoua:

First target

The first target amount is €5040. With this we can, for example, distribute 36 blankets, feed 36 babies for a month, and provide food for 36 families for a month. When this goal is achieved and the donations continue to flow, we increase the target amount each time to give room for everyone to participate in the campaign. The more people we can help, the better. We will continue with this until mid-January, while the resources already obtained can already be deployed.

PS: the pictures you see are of the refugee camp where Al Majmoua is active. This campaign is broader though, also for Lebanese families that are in need.