The Ocean Story | Vincent Kneefel

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Why Now?

One of the biggest issues facing the ocean is it is out of sight and out of mind. 2021 marks the start of the UN Ocean Decade – a pivotal 10 years for the future of our ocean. Three mega forces threaten life in our oceans: Overfishing, Plastic pollution, and Ocean warming. If we don't take action on these issues within the next ten years, life in our oceans will reach a point of no return. We urgently need to inspire support and much-needed action to save our oceans. This is our last chance; if we don’t act now many species will vanish. 

The Ocean Story

Over the next 2 years, underwater photographer and ocean conservationist Vincent Kneefel will be photographing 9 of the most iconic and endangered marine species (Blue Whales, Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, Coral Reefs, Basking Sharks, Spermwhales, Orcas, Bluefin Tuna, and Basking Sharks) linked to the 3 mega-threats.

The Ocean Story's objective is to guide people to act, engage, respond, heal, create, innovate, activate, and repair the current challenges we are facing. The Ocean Story will result in a unique book, series of articles and videos, an education program for schools, and an outdoor exhibition. The education program is aimed at tangible, recurring actions to help save the oceans, that will help bring tipping points so we can start restoring instead of destroying our oceans. 

The Ocean Story aims to capture not only the beauty of marine life but to tell the whole story of iconic
and endangered species with the latest technology available, bringing the audience along on the adventure,
and provide tangible solutions. 

Vincent has dedicated his life to the oceans and sustainability. Over the last decade, he has worked for organizations such as WWF and the United Nations on strategic sustainability and ocean conservation initiatives. Vincent is an award-winning photographer and published author and editor-at-large for Duiken Magazine. 

Your Support

The Ocean Story is fundraising for two upcoming expeditions to photograph Basking Sharks in Scotland and Bluefin Tuna in Malta for a total of €5.000. With this campaign, we'd like to raise €1.000 to be able to start preparations. These expeditions will tell vital stories about the impact of overfishing and plastic pollution on these magnificent species and the solutions we need to save them.

If you contribute 100 euros or more, you will receive a printed book once the project is completed (estimated end of 2022). In the meantime, you will receive exclusive updates from the field.