Why we run this platform

Money has the power to change, but valuable change cannot always be expressed in money.

Give the Change is Triodos Foundation's crowdgiving platform that offers a platform to projects that are committed to profit the earth and society. In order to make a broad social impact, donation money is crucial for these initiatives.

Triodos Foundation was established to stimulate positive change with donations. Because there is not enough money available for all the great projects that require support, Give the Change offers these projects a place where they can present themselves directly to the crowd.

With Give the Change we are building a community of givers that we connect with projects selected by the Foundation. This way you can easily and directly support projects and together we make more impact.

Curious what you can change?


About Triodos Foundation

Triodos Foundation is a foundation with an ANBI status and an independent part of Triodos.

Triodos Foundation was established in 1971 to stimulate positive change with donations. The Foundation focuses on projects that want to address faulty thinking and acting in society. Projects that tackle problems at the root and go beyond symptom control. As a mediator between donors and initiators, Triodos Foundation is active within the themes of food, agriculture & biodiversity, social inclusion and the new economy.

Curious about the work of Triodos Foundation or would you like to apply for your project yourself? Visit www.triodosfoundation.nl.